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I Love You Will U Marry Me?

These words were first graffitied on a bridge in Sheffield 2001. Since then, they have inspired artwork, newspaper articles in the national press and even documentaries have been made surrounding the mystery of the proposal.
This simple question has transformed into something much bigger, and is now etched into Sheffield Folk Law and become ingrained into Sheffield’s heritage forever. 

So where does this originate? None other than Park Hill Flats in S2. These truly iconic flats are one of the most iconic, recognisable pictures of Sheffield. They are the largest grade II listed building in Europe - and thanks to a huge renovation project over the last few years, they are now one of the hottest places to live in Sheffield, with a truly spectacular view of the whole city. 

Not far from Park Hill is another of our favourite places to live - Victoria Quays. This picturesque canal basin was once used for transporting goods down and was not really an idealistic place to live, until the buildings surrounding the canal were renovated into state of the art flats, many with original features kept inside. With this came shops, businesses and pubs, and it is a place with a totally different, unique feel to it & it’s certainly one of the top locations to reside. 

Victoria Quays Sheffield S2

So what else is there to love? Well if you’re someone who enjoys getting out and exploring, S2 has 2 of the finest parks in Sheffield - Norfolk Heritage Park & Heeley People's Park. Both have plenty to cater for all ages, ranging from large climbing boulders & Artistic sculptures in The People's Park, whereas Norfolk Park boasts a grade II listed landscape, with plenty of activities for kids and a cafe to kick back & relax in. 

Another great advantage of S2 is that due to the postcode covering a vast area, you can still be within 10-20 minutes, either by foot or public transport, from the city centre. With this compromise of being slightly further away, you can certainly get more property space & size for your money. So if you’re looking to move to Sheffield but wanting more space for yourselves, children, or just a nice big garden to relax in - S2 certainly should be high up on your list of areas to have a good look around in.

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