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tenancies during the 2020 lockdown

Information for tenants during the pandemic of 2020/21, moving house, rental payments, giving notice and government help.

Moving House
As at the time of this post the government advice is to only move properties if it is absolutely critical, i.e. for key workers to get nearer a place of work or for people with existing health issues.

We are still offering video viewings of properties we currently have for rent which can be found on the property listing. Enquiries are still dealt with as normal via the web form or email.

Rental Payments
Tenants should continue to pay their rent as normal.

If you are directly affected by the 2020 lockdown and are unable to make full rental payments you should contact us as soon as possible, we are hear to help!

It may be possible to arrange a payment plan with the Landlord but these are taken on a case by case basis.

Payment Holidays
Tenants and Landlord rent and mortgage “holidays”
Those unaffected by the coronavirus should continue to pay rent as normal.

Ultimately, any rent that is deferred during this period will still be expected to be paid back later as part of a payment arrangement.

The Landlord can approach their lender and ask for help with payments, but any amounts deferred will be added to the Landlords loan and paid back with interest.

Each Lender will have different criteria and treat each application on a case by case basis with evidence provided by the tenant/s with regards to their personal situation.

Government Help
The government has pledges to try to help renters whether employed or self employed via a few routes and official guidance can be found here

Furloughed workers
Universal credit

Government guidance and support for employees

Giving Notice
This really would be a worse case scenario for all parties involved and we encourage you to seek help if possible via the above given link.

If the help available is not applicable and you would like us to contact your Landlord on your behalf then please let us know.

We can work something out by working together!