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what is an epc - energy performance certificate?

When it comes to property, do you know what an Energy Performance Certificate is?

Hello, my name is Bevan Mottram, at Kelham Square Estate Agents, trusted in managing property for over 10 years in Sheffield.

What is an EPC? An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate which gives a rating for your property on a scale of A to G. One for energy and one for carbon dioxide emissions. A, being the most efficient, and G, being the least efficient.

Now, what we’re concerned about, for the purpose of this video, is the energy rating. New regulations from April 2018 may require your rented property to be rated a minimum rating of E. This means if your property falls below that minimum level and is rated an F or a G, further works may be needed to increase that property’s energy efficiency.

Works could include loft insulation, they could include wall or floor insulation, or maybe a mechanical heating appliance such as the boiler actually needs updating. Let’s say, for example, it’s 15 years or older, it may be as simple as just replacing the boiler to get that energy rating up to the required standard.