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how do i choose an online agent?

So you’ve decided that you need an agent to help you let or manage your property? You may also be considering the offerings of a so-called online or hybrid agent.


Well hopefully this video will help you decide what’s really important when choosing an agent.

Hello, my name’s Bevan Mottram, owner of Kelham Square, and we’ve been managing property in Sheffield for over 10 years. Okay, so let’s say you’re looking for an agent to let or manage your property, and you’ve looked around the area ideally where your property is, and you’ve come across the offerings of an online or a hybrid agent. A hybrid agent. What? So I think there are three very important things to consider when choosing your agent.

Number one is local knowledge.

It goes without saying that you need an agent that knows the local area well, but how well do they actually know the streets and the development that your property is in? You see, the fact is all agents are online. We’ve all got websites and we’ve all got online services, but is this level of knowledge right down to street and development knowledge, is it even possible if that agent is not based in the area where your property is, even more to the point they may even be based miles away in a different city.

We know from over 10 years experience that it’s not good enough just to use a property portal to come up with rental price comparables you have to know right down to the street level detail how much rent the property is realistically able to achieve, and especially if you want the property let quickly and putting cash in your pocket as soon as possible.

Oh okay, so you’re online and you operate nationwide. Really?

Number two is property knowledge. Is the agent really willing to get to know your property right down to details such as the appliances, the parking arrangements, right down to the alarm system and access details? And definitely if the agent is unwilling to meet you at the property, then the chances are they live absolutely nowhere near the property, and they don’t even know where it is in the first place.

Number three, personal point of contact. Absolutely essential is the ability to be able to speak directly to the agent, a key contact at the agent’s that will know your property and any ongoing issues that you may have with your property, especially important when we’re talking about property management.

The same applies for accounting. You simply cannot afford to be a reference number and passed over to some sort of call centre, especially when you’re talking about your rents and money that should belong in your pocket. The chances are if it’s a larger national or corporate agent, your accounts are actually outsourced to somewhere, well somewhere other than not in the local branch.

So if you would like to discuss your requirements, then why not contact us?