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what are the benefits of property investing?

What benefits are associated with property investing?



Okay, so what are the benefits of investing in property, pre-2008 historical figures gave us or kind of said that every seven to ten years property doubled in value. Now do bear in mind that was pre-2008, it’s certainly not been the case in more recent years, so you have to consider property investing as a long term medium. I’d say at least five years to ten years.

Your return on investment can be good. Your yield on the property, if for example you’re looking to invest in Sheffield, should be anywhere between six percent and twelve percent, depending on property type.This is better than many current accounts or many savings account.

The other benefit of investing in property is that you are in control. It’s a physical bricks and mortar investment, so you’re responsible for the maintenance of the property, your obligations as a landlord and it can be a benefit for some that there’s no actual fund manager involved other than maybe a block management company or indeed, your letting agent. As an actual investment to yourself, you are in full control.

I really hope this short video was useful and you’ve picked up some small nuggets of information that will help you along your property investment journey. If you decide that you want to pass over the management of that residential property to a qualified person or specialist, then please feel free to give us a call to chat over your needs and requirements.

You can contact us 24 hours a day on this website On here you’ll also find general information for landlords and for tenants and you’ll also be able to browse our current properties to let. Once again, thank you for watching and good luck with your investments!