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living in kelham island sheffield

There are hundreds of reasons why living in Kelham Island is simply one of the best places in Sheffield to live, after all we’ve chosen it as our home! But we will try to pick out some of our favourite reasons as to why S3 should be high up on your list for your next home.

You only have to walk around Kelham Island to notice the radical transformation which has taken place over the last 10 years. It’s really quite remarkable how many new businesses have appeared bringing an amazing vibrancy & buzz about the place.

Firstly, we have to mention the amazing food & drink options. Right in the heart of Little Kelham is a trendy Sardinian restaurant called Domo. These guys produce some of the finest Italian food in all of Sheffield, and seem to have everyone who visits raving about it.

Another favourite is Kelham Wine Bar, in addition to their extensive wine list (which you may have guessed from the name!) They have a unique tapas style menu, bringing in different food varieties from around the world which have always been great every time I’ve visited.

There’s also Church, which is a real one of a kind. This vegan only, gaming enthused, Gothic bar was born out of the mind of local celebrity Oliver Sykes, which is not only stunning visually, having been renovated from an old industrial building, but it has unparalleled options for people wanting something unique. 

Last but not least, is one of the newer dining experiences at Kelham which is Cutlery Works. This is the largest food hall in the north, which has THIRTEEN different food stalls, ranging from Japanese Sushi to award winning Mexican food. A special mention must go to Little Dough Pizza, who for my money make the BEST pizza in Sheffield. 


Now for the activities! Just a few minutes walk from our office is the Kelham Island Museum. Originally opening in 1982, this museum details Sheffield's meteoric rise to the top of being one of the world's most revered steel makers. If you fancy something a bit more extreme, there’s The House Skate Park. Originally founded back in the 90s with some help from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust, this large indoor skate park has become a hub for skating enthusiasts, with an annual competition bringing people from all over the country. 

If shopping is your thing, there’s plenty of options for you to visit. Kelham Arcade houses some great independent shops ranging from home-ware to clothing. Then there’s The Nichols Building, which is a gem for people wanting to source out vintage treats. This two story building houses many unusual and quirky items such as artwork, furniture and trinkets, sure to keep you busy.

Another newcomer is Kelham Island Books & Music, which does exactly what it says on a tin. Once located near Endcliffe park, they stock a huge range of reasonably priced books & also have a notably large vinyl collection for lovers of music.

When it comes to living in the area, there’s almost too many super developments to mention, but here are 2 of our favourites. Millau, Rialto and Clifton make up the Kelham Riverside flats. Named after famous bridges that Sheffield provided the steel for, these flats are some of the most popular in the area, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as the modern, spacious interiors, many offer balconies overlooking the bustling Kelham Square, or face the River Don. These never seem to last long on the market. 

little kelham sheffield

Little Kelham also deserves a mention. This new development is still ongoing completion, but since having had many people move in, it’s managed to create a small community within the development as well as bringing in many new businesses onto the premises, such as Isabella's, and the aforementioned Domo.

Not only do they have houses with gardens, which is something of a premium in city living, but all the houses are at the forefront of sustainability, which is an ever increasingly important issue. The houses are heated on renewable carbon neutral energy, and all electricity is also supplied by 100% renewable energy. The commitment from the developer on these is something we hope to see more of in their upcoming developments currently being built in the area. 

Of course the best way to get a feel of the area is to come & take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.